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Unmatched Flavor

Unmatched Flavor

#1 Tasting Japanese Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Unrivaled Flavor.

Unrivaled Flavor.

The Top Tasting Organic Japanese Matcha

Tastes As Good As Healthy Feels

For 800 Years Matcha was used by Buddhist Monks as their secret drink. Matcha is 100% green tea leaves, ground to a fine powder. Real matcha comes from Japan. Ours is from the Nishio region which is where the finest matcha is produced. Like all tea, matcha comes from the tea plant, but what makes matcha so special is that it's grown under shade for two weeks before plucking. This causes the tea plant to go into "overdrive" and produce high amounts of chlorophyll (the bright green stuff that contains all the nutrients). The tea is then ground by granite stones to form a very fine powder so when you drink it you ingest all of the leaf and all of it's nutrients. This makes it very, very healthy. Matcha also provides a slow release of energy for up to six hours which helps keep you alert and focused.

A Revolution In Matcha

We make matcha unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Our superior ingredients combined with our bespoke tea manufacturing process, makes the natural flavors come alive, producing a taste that is rich, deep, and flavorful.
A Revolution In Matcha
The health benefits of regular green tea
The antioxidants of orange juice
The beta carotene of spinach

What Makes The Flavor So Delicious?

200 Years of Fresh Ingredients

We cultivate, harvest, and produce the finest matcha in Japan. Our specialized tea factories create a finely milled, silky smooth powdered tea, rich in nutrients and flavourful in taste. We have passed all radiation reports and have the highest health standards.
200 Years of Fresh Ingredients
Highest Quality Standards

Highest Quality Standards

Our passion is in the whole tea making process, therefore we strive to have the highest standards possible. Carefully inspecting each step of the manufacturing process, our meticulous standards make sure we select the best Matcha as we can for our customers.

Preserved Natural Flavors

Our exclusive infrared-ray manufacturing dries the tea to a perfect temperature, retaining the nutrients, and creating a rich, deep, and flavourful taste. Read our reviews - people consistently rave about our amazing taste
Preserved Natural Flavors


The taste is absolutely heaven.

– Viviane M.

Yum, yum, yum! Love love love this Matcha!

– Shanna S.

The flavor is fantastic, with no bitterness or astringent aftertaste.

– Nikki B.

This now my favorite night time tea.

– Jessica

DELICIOUS and 1 pack goes a very, very long way!

– Jason G.

I'm in love with this matcha!

– Raine L.

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Ceremonial Organic Matcha Powder
Ceremonial Organic Matcha Powder Ceremonial Organic Matcha Powder Ceremonial Organic Matcha Powder Ceremonial Organic Matcha Powder Ceremonial Organic Matcha Powder Ceremonial Organic Matcha Powder Ceremonial Organic Matcha Powder

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Organically made in Japan using our exclusive tea processing this premium grade matcha has a rich, deep, and flavourful taste.